Friday, August 8, 2014


I am not the best typist, neither in terms of accuracy nor speed. I would've made a horrible pool secretary, and if I hadn't grown up in the age of the PC, I would shudder to think what my papers in college would've looked like. I've heard the stories about typewriters and twisting tapes and correction fluid.  I have heard these stories because Older Folks love to tell me how lucky I have it and all the heartache and hardship being a businessman, teacher, student, writer etc. they endured to actually bang out papers, letters and articles on these machines called typewriters(or have their underpaid secretary type it for them).
I think that's going to be my next garage sale obsession; move on from travel scarves and vinyl...on to typewriters. I already have one sitting in the kitchen taking up half the counter...I just haven't gotten around to ordering the tapes online so I can actually use the damn thing. Meanwhile I'll save my gripes of crashing, wiped external hard drives and usb's, corrupted files, viruses, worms and malware to lob at the next generation when they have implanted chips or some such and are complaining about their problems with that technology. Then I can make space for The Underwood I'm hoping to score at the next Estate Sale...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Real Live Blog

It's about time I broke down and started a real live actual blog...
So how's short and sweet for my first post?
Lis has a blog.